Healing Friendships

by vtashman on December 30, 2012

The winners of our November contest won a copy of the book “Hidden in Paris,” by Corine Gantz. The healing power of friendship is explored in this book, so I wanted to find out about some of our member’s healing friendships during and post treatment. Here are some of their responses.

“I think my healing friendship was my friend Candy, she shaved her head when I lost my hair so that I wouldn’t be the only one that was bald.” ~ Tammy W.

“I have had several friends who have helped me heal on my journey through breast cancer and it is amazing to be a the 5-year mark!  My husband, first of all, has been very supportive through it all. Also two very good friends who I’ve known since high school read and replied to my daily e-mails when I lived across the country and offered their support and now that we are again living in the same town, have continued their support.  Don’t know how I could have done it without their loving support.” ~ Marilyn M.

“During treatment of breast cancer I had many healing relationships.  One that immediately comes to mind is my relationship with my friend Kim.  Kim came and prayed with me once she found out about my diagnosis in Sept 2009.  After that I could count on a daily call from her cheering me on thru what ever the day was to bring.  Once the surgeries were behind me and  chemo was pending, kim prepared a Chemo bag for me.  It was loaded. with all sorts of goodies.  Everything from Aluminum free deodorant, granola bars, books to read a blanket, moistrizing skin cream, and various  much needed items as well as a big box of tissue for those waterworks tears that did not ever seem to stop.  During treatment,  I lost a significant amount of weight due to poor appetite and depression.  Kim left work and brought lunch  for “us” at least once per week.  She refused to let me get down amnd stay there. Fast forward to January  2012, Kim is diagnosed with Breast cancer as well.  She had already shown me how to nurture a friend thru this dreaded disease, so I was able to do the same for her.  11 months later she is doing fine and is sporting a new sassy hair do. Thank God for being able to share what you have been thru for someone else’s good.” ~ Tonya M.

“My healing friendship was my sister Anna Beagle. She drove me to most of my surgeries and treatments. She also stayed with me during my treatment and recovery. We watched videos, ate out and laughed a lot. She made the difficult days so much easier.” ~ Nancy K.

“The healing friendship I had all the way before cancer to present time was with my best friend Betty Robertson. She helped me a great deal while I was going through my treatments by ordering and having some hats and scarves and hat hair to me during treatments as well as sending me cards and letters and little gifts of encouragement.She helped me to maintain a good outlook all the way through and I couldn’t have done it without her.” ~ Paula W.

“I cannot say enough about a special friend that helped me through the trauma of my breast cancer!  Kim was wonderful to talk to because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer almost a year before me. I sought her out every Sunday at church, could call and talk on the phone, she came to see me after I came home from the hospital.  We have supported each other ever since.  When and if she decides to have reconstruction. I will be there for her as she helped me through the emotional devastation of my ordeal.” ~ Crystal B.

“My healing friendship started with a phone call from the American Cancer Society.  I spoke to a soft spoken lady who reasured me on many levels that everything would be alright.  I later found out she was a well respected local business woman from a surrounding town who also was the spokeperson for the American Cancer Society in Southwest Michigan.  Gail was close to my mother’s age but we did make a connection right away.  We had a friend ship for many years, I could call her nite or day she always made time for me.  We did a article together for a newspaper right after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  We shared alot of the same doctors.  Within the first year of our meeting she told me I was her inspiration and she decided to finally have reconstructive surgery because of me and my experience.  It was awesome to be able to help her go through that process.  She even choose my pastic surgeon.  I was very sad when Gail passed away a few years ago.  Gail was truly a warrior and mentor to all Breast Cancer Survivors.  I still miss her.” ~ Georgia S.

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corine January 2, 2013 at 12:13 pm

I was so inspired to read about your stories of friendship. Congratulations to the winners! You inspired my latest blog posts :)

corine gantz
author of Hidden in Paris

vtashman January 2, 2013 at 12:42 pm

Thank you so much for your donation, Corine!

Georgia January 8, 2013 at 6:03 pm

Dear Corine & Vicki- Thank you for all that you do to help breast cancer survivors. I thinks thats what it should all be about…helping one another. It has been my experience & pleasure as a 25 year survivor each time I can give atleast an ounce of hope or encouragement to any person who has to travel down the road of “Breast Cancer”. It seems everytime I learn something new. I think sharing experiences helps so much in healing our souls, and I can’t think of a better way to start the healing process. Many blessings always, Georgia

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